Starbucks 12 CONSTELLATIONS Demi Set


Taiwan Starbuck’s Exclusive item released in beginning 2021.
Extremely limited and beautiful 12 constellation demi-set cups.
** Due to high value and rarity of item, we can only ship EMS.  Shipping is to be determined** 

1.  Twelve constellation Demi Set  (12 cups,  3 oz). 
2.  Hand Wash ONLY (don’t microwave, bake, put in dishwasher or dryer) 
3.  All cups carefully inspected for any defects when we purchased it.  

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An extremely beautiful Starbucks constellation demi cup set (3 oz) based from the popular constellation mugs released in 2020 that was sold out everywhere in Taiwan!  Now you can own all constellation cups in ONE GO!   The 3 oz cups are great for espressos shots or put it in a glass display as an artistic piece.

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