• Taiwan has a new postal policy of emergency notice on increase of postal fees for shipping to certain countries due to COVID worsening. The rates may change each month.
  • The major countries that are affected are (United States, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland).  Please refer to this link for full details (https://www.post.gov.tw/post/internet/Message/index.jsp?ID=150102&news_no=46520&control_type=page&news_cat=4&group_name=&news_type=latest_news) (updated Oct 15th 2021) 
  • Shipping fee adjusted due to raising shipping cost on extra fees levied during COVID (updated Oct 15th) 
  • Shipping calculations have been fixed. However, the web system is unable to add items of different weight category.  So, the shipping estimate won’t be as precise as we like, but combine order is still possible. (updated April 29 2021)
Due to COVID-19, only certain countries are available for shipping. Below are the list of countries that is currently possible to ship to. If your country is not on the list, please send us an email to inquire the availability of shipping.

List of Countries available for mailing (updated as of Oct 15th 2021)

  • Asia
    Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,
    Hong Kong
  • Europe
    EMS or Airmail: France, Netherlands, Germany.
    Airmail only: United Kingdom, Russia, India. 
    EMS only: Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland
  • Americas
    EMS or Airmail only: United States (Mainland only) , Canada
  • Oceania
    Airmail only: Australia , New Zealand
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